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Heb je een klacht over een bepaald filmpje of foto? Dat verbaast ons niks, daar ben je Nederlander voor. Kies dan ‘verwijderverzoek’ en VERGEET NIET te vermelden over welke post het precies gaat en je relatie tot deze content. Anders nemen we je klacht simpelweg niet in behandeling.

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Dave Brubeck - Golden Brown mashup

"A little tribute to Dave Greenfield (keyboardist with The Stranglers who died with Covid-19 last week) and Paul Desmond (saxophonist with the Dave Brubeck quartet - the anniversary of his death is at the end of this month). Also because I've been enjoying editing videos and recording stuff over the last couple of months.

A couple of people have asked how I made this video so here we go - I took a clip from a 1964 live version of Take Five ( and made the drum loop by chopping up the intro and turning it from 5/4 into the 3/4 - 4/4 groove that Golden Brown has. The upright bass sound is sequenced from Logic, and the piano part was played in using one of the piano sounds from a Nord Electro 5D. Then I played the sax part over the top (I play a King Zephyr alto and for this I used a hard rubber Yanigasawa mouthpiece rather than my usual bright Guardala). The video was then edited using the clip I'd taken the drum loop from."